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About Motu Proprio


[ˌmotuˈprɔprio]: of what moves by itself (autonomously)

Our foundation:

25 years engineering experience mostly in the Aerospace R&D;

We have created hundreds of projects and devices in the fields of:

Aerospace, Energy, Electronics and Controls, Precision Mechanics, Micro-Nano Devices and Optics;

trained and managed tens of employees and collaborators;

invented proprietary aerospace and micro-nano technologies,

developed and launched two innovative and successful satellites which we have operated for many years until now.

renewable energy engines for electricity production


Our offer:

to help you study your ideas or problems and

to propose original solutions,

to design such solutions as models or simulations,

to demonstrate the functionalities by building prototypes and

to accompany your company in engineering the final product for mass production

Background Experience

100 minimum combined Years of Engineering R&D Experience
5 Countries Presence
2 Orbiting satellites developed, launched and in operation
10 Turbomachines and Engines developed


Products Overview


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