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FM 437.485 MHz 4800bps

Images Beacon

Please send to us your .kss file recorded by AGW OnlineKISS and include your name, callsign, and location We will be happy to process it for you and publish your contribution here. Thanks ! Our contact is office@micro-space.org NOTE : For Athenoxat-1 it is recommended to set the AGW OnlineKISS WITHOUT "Generate Time Frames"
Athenoxat-1 Image Puzzles : Round 1 Constructor for Beacon Type 03 For the purpose of display, the first 4 frames will be provided for JPG image header
ID 0F614A21 : 42093 bytes - 211 frames
Contributors : Frame# (total frames)


ID 9CB539A4 : 42492 bytes - 213 frames
Contributors : Frame# (total frames)


ID 8523E900 : 43826 bytes - 220 frames
Contributors : Frame# (total frames)


ID B4F9E687 : 42649 bytes - 214 frames
Contributors : Frame# (total frames)


ID C156F017 : 40277 bytes - 202 frames
Contributors : Frame# (total frames)


Athenoxat-1 QSL Hints Pointers to be able to track, receive, and decode data beacon of Athenoxat-1


Athenoxat-1, designed, fabricated, and operated by Microspace Rapid Pte Ltd, is a Nanosatellite following the standard of 3U cubesat size for Remote Sensing application, orbiting in equatorial orbit with 15-degree inclination since 16 December 2015. Her primary mission is to demonstrate High Resolution Night Vision imaging capability, and her secondary mission is to validate the capability of the Hardware and Software (CDH and ADCS) developed in-house. Included in her capability is the medium resolution and global view of the day imaging.

Athenoxat-1 has been equipped with several types of data beacon. As part of 2-year anniversary of Athenoxat-1, data beacon type 2 to 5 have been activated to allow Radio Amateurs community to obtain images produced by Athenoxat-1 herself. As a result of discussion between us and PY2SDR, data beacon type 3 has been modified as such that it is a medium-size image occupying up to 225 packets. Therefore, collective effort from the community is required in order to reconstruct the image and that is why this webpage is available.

Data beacon type 2 is a very small icon occupying only one packet. Type 4 is a thumbnail image occupying up to 21 packets. Lastly type 5, occupying only one packet too, is a text description for the image it follows. The latest ATX Decoder by PY4ZBZ can be used to reconstruct the images and text of these data. Scheduled QSL card transmission has been set to data beacon type 4 and thus the same ATX Decoder can be used.

We activate only either one of the data beacon type 3 or type { 2, 4, and 5 }. Today, it is the data type { 2, 4, and 5 } that is active. In the event of experiment, Athenoxat-1 will disable both Morse CW and data beacon.

Recommended Tools
  • Affordable USB-based RF receiver
  • UHF Antenna : cross yagi is preferred and optionally antenna rotor & controller
  • Satellite tracking software e.g. Orbitron by Sebastian Stoff or HAM Radio Deluxe
  • SDR# and Satellite tracking plugin for automatic Doppler Shift correction
  • High-speed Soundmodem by UZ7HO for decoding the audio data beacon
  • AGW OnlineKISS by DK3WN for producing .kss recording OR
  • Arapuca by PY2SDR to send automatically the decoded packets from the Soundmodem to the repository for community sharing, which especially useful for reconstructing large-packet image e.g. QSL card (to be further updated)
  • ATX Decoder by PY4ZBZ for constructing images of specifically beacon type 2, 4, and 5, including the scheduled transmission of QSL card
Acknowledgment We are grateful for the availabity of the following software that make it possible for the Radio Amateurs community
to track, receive, and decode data beacon of Athenoxat-1
  • Sebastian Stoff for the work of Orbitron
  • Simon HB9DRV & Peter PH1PH (SK) for the work of HAM Radio Deluxe early versions
  • Those involved in the work of SDR# and its plugins
  • Andrei UZ7HO for the work of High-speed Soundmodem
  • Mike DK3WN for the work of AGW OnlineKISS and the old version of ATX Image Decoder
  • Edson PY2SDR for the work of Arapuca packets - repository forwarder
  • Roland PY4ZBZ for the work of the new ATX Decoder for beacon type 2, 4, and 5
  • Others who are involved in many other ways contributing to the Radio Amateurs community
Past QSL Cards QSL Cards that have already been scheduled, transmitted by Athenoxat-1 and successfully received & decoded by the recipients
Collected by the Community Decoded & Constructed Images of Beacon type 2 & 4 from the Radio Amateurs community that are sent to us or made known to all of us