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Our amazing satellites and Technologies Bringing Space Down To Earth !
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    Athenoxat in Orbit
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    Athenoxat Night Images (#)
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    Athenoxat Day Images (#)

    The First Nanosatellite made & launched by Singapore and the First Micropropulsion Cubesat with Attitude & Formation Flight Capability. 8 microthrusters for Roll, Yaw, Pitch Torques & Vector control.

  • Athenoxat

    The First Nanosatellite with high resolution night vision capability. Super-compact, high resolution, high sensitivity optical payload.

    5 independent imaging systems in one 3U cubesat.

  • Prop-x-sat

    Modular propulsion units based on MEMS microthrusters with space heritage for satellites from 0.5U to 27U and other nonU formats

About Us Microspace was first established in 2002 in Italy and has been in Singapore since 2007. Microspace develops and launches custom made nanosatellites for our clients. We create special designs to maximize the performances in the smallest possible size and mass. We have proprietary propulsion and optical technologies, we produce structures, power systems, attitude determination and control sensors, antennas, solar panels, actuators and algorithms. What we don't make, we source from the best selected suppliers world-wide. We master on-board data handling, task scheduling and image processing as well as ground station automations for seamless satellite 24/7 operations.
Hello! We are POPSAT and ATHENOXAT, the two satellites developed, launched and operated by Microspace... so far !

We love learning and exploring, we are doing this for almost 7 years in Orbit (as of March 2021) ! We have been made possible thanks to highly respectable clients in Singapore and we are helping our creators at Microspace to travel through Science, Technology, Engineering, Earth, Space, Humankind and Nature. This is why Microspace invents nanosatellites...

We demonstrate propulsion and optical technologies that enable all most useful space applications such as: imaging and tracking on demand of any target on the globe, remote sensing for agricultural, industrial and environmental global data collection.

Technology Product Performances All on a true Nanosatellite (max 10kg mass)
  • Propulsion

    Modular, Fully Integrated, Cold-Gas to ArcJet

    • 0.1, 1, 5 & 10 mN Nominal Thrust
    • 50s to 500s Specific Impulse
    • 10pNs Minimum Impulse Bit
    • 0.5W to 10W Power Consumption
    • 1/3U Minimum Volume
    • 5m/s to 500m/s DeltaV
    • MEMS Technology
    • 100% Customizable
  • Nano-Bus

    From 1U to 12U and nano-Hexats

    • from 1kg to 10kg Mass Bus
    • min 30% of the total Payload Budgets
    • min 20W Power production (3U reference)
    • 1 deg Pointing Accuracy (without star tracker)
    • 0.1 deg/s Pointing Stability (without star tracker)
    • over 2500 days in Orbit Heritage
    • 2 satellites Heritage
  • Imaging

    Day and Night, any resolution down to 1m

    • 1km Global view resolution
    • 50m to 300m Wide Angle resolution
    • 1m to 20m Narrow Beam Resolution
    • f/2 to f/10 Optics speed
    • 2.5 deg narrow beam aperture
    • Visible/IR, multiband, hyperspectral Spectrum
    • up to 30Hz Video Refresh
  • Applications

    to Add Intelligence to our Globe

    • Maritime Real Time Any Vessel & Debris Optical Tracking
    • Agriculture Crops Yield Optimization
    • Environment Pollution Monitoring
    • Weather Accurate Local Forecast
    • Education STEM, e.g. Control Algorithms Study
    • Radio Amateurs Experimentation & Emergencies Support
    • Global Intelligence Focused & Immediate information from any point on Earth, Sea & Space

Recent Projects


We know the way...

...it is a long one, but it does not worry us as we have started earlier than most of everybody else.
We began together with the new Millennium by developing supersonic micronozzles, microfabricated on Silicon by Nanolithography and Deep-Reactive-Ion-Etching; we soon made micropropulsion systems that we put in our first satellite POPSAT and demonstrated over an extended orbital mission. We gave powerful vision to our satellites to see deeply also in the darkness. And soon our vision will be available to all of you.

Our Leaders
Satellites stories along the Way
  • It is a pleasure working with Giulio & his team on the satellites. Giulio is a fine example of how a good understanding of engineering principles can be focused to solve problems encountered over a wide range of disciplines. I appreciate the experience too.

    JeffPartner - Applied Systems (S) Pte Ltd
  • Ohayou Gozaimasu Min'na San, watashi wa Mozzyka desu... I joined Microspace team long time ago and participated in the early manufacturing program of the micronozzles. I was the only one in the team that could quickly check the nozzles quality and truly feel their performances when blowing their microjets and I could even measure the thrust directly on my own body !

    Mozzyka"MEMS Inspector"
  • I recall the last day before putting the satellite on the rocket... all hard work done, every possible thing checked, the very last task was to verify the night vision optical payload focusing and alignment with our portable collimator. It is a very special feeling the one with which you give the last touch to your satellite before it sent to space after you have created it with your own hand all the way from its original idea and its bare metal. I feel priviliged for this.

    Giulio"The one who will be last to abandon the ship..."
  • I think the most exciting moment for me is the one when I saw the first stretch of blue from the first image we received from the satellite. I can still remember the scene that all of us feel excited and very proud. It will be the top 10 unforgettable moment in my life!

    MeiniScientific Officer
  • One of the great pleasures is to interact with people on the other side of the Earth or just behind the horizon. For example our satellite data-image beacons have been received by radioamateurs all over the World and we have rewarded them with personalized QSL cards directly sent from our satellites to their radios.

    YesieFirst Mate
  • On one fine day at the start of October 2017 ...as we were approaching the 2 years in space of our Athenoxat, we thought it was about time to publish something on the local press. Very kindly, Ms. Chew C.H from Shin Min Daily News 新明日报 agreed to write and publish a very nice article on the 8 Oct 2017 edition so that also Singapore people can know about our little satellite, still the only Singaporean nanosatellite capable of Earth and Space imaging, and be proud of her being really made in this country.

    Giulio"The one who will be last to abandon the ship..."
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